Family firms and Industry 4.0 innovation: a new study
19 November 2020
La forza di uno Stato strategico
26 November 2020
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Firms and the market, when can neuroscience be helpful?

Reading the degree of corporate competition today needs the declination of new variables that have an impact on the process of generating economic and social value.

Neuroscience provides a key to reading with very creative content: the fulfillment of the needs of human nature has always moved the economy, and society represents the implications that are revealed in the arrangement of collective organizational models and in the expression of the life of individuals.

Social neuroscience is significant and important for interpreting collective human behavior, ranging from positive to negative. For this reason, together with Andrea Patricelli Malizia and Emiliano Ricciardi, we will hold a Webinar covering the state of the art for collective actions and neuroscience.