14 July 2020

Innovation-based needs or need-based innovations?

Classic literature in Psychology refers to human needs as existent, ready-to-fulfill. However, classic research in Innovation literature explained that the creative destruction of incumbents is not […]
20 May 2020

Crisis Times Drive New Forms of Innovation

It is of no surprise that innovations occur during hard times. One driver of innovation in societies is the urge of users. Users of a product […]
8 April 2020

Family firms’ agility during pandemic crisis

The very early stage of entrepreneurship takes place when an individual identifies a business opportunity based on his/her knowledge/ experience. One’s risk-taking attitude might enable him/her […]
3 March 2020
Identity contrast

Cultural identity and historical businesses

One of the most prominent factors that distinguishes family firms is their cultural identity, that can be hardly found within the corporations and public businesses. On […]