5 August 2020

Un’occasione per l’intera Toscana. Scuole d’eccellenza pronte a contribuire.

Intervista al Prof. Nicola Lattanzi sulle pagine del Corriere Fiorentino.  
26 June 2020

Pandemics, crises and business strategies: threats and opportunities to innovate

Over the centuries, pandemics have changed the course of history in many ways, triggering the innovation of religious, political, economic and technological systems. The crisis developed […]
23 April 2020

A convergence between neuroscience and artificial intelligence?

The economic and social context is living a period of great transformation. There are new geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges, the reduction of products’ life cycles and […]
18 March 2020

A fragile European balance

A fragile European balance   The market is a living creature, it has a swarm intelligence economy, similar to that which characterizes the flight of the […]
26 February 2020

Late payments, a risk for the business

A study sheds light on the consequences of non-punctual payments in European businesses.   Late payments are a fairly widespread trend in the labor market, and […]