10 June 2020

Preparing for the unexpected

The Coronavirus pandemic put individuals and family businesses in front of unexpected challenges. Most families and businesses did not have a plan or even a set […]
20 May 2020

Crisis Times Drive New Forms of Innovation

It is of no surprise that innovations occur during hard times. One driver of innovation in societies is the urge of users. Users of a product […]
14 April 2020

Is being small a strength?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent the 92% of total businesses in Italy and account for 82% of the workforce. Most of them are family businesses. […]
8 April 2020

Family firms’ agility during pandemic crisis

The very early stage of entrepreneurship takes place when an individual identifies a business opportunity based on his/her knowledge/ experience. One’s risk-taking attitude might enable him/her […]
3 March 2020
Identity contrast

Cultural identity and historical businesses

One of the most prominent factors that distinguishes family firms is their cultural identity, that can be hardly found within the corporations and public businesses. On […]
17 February 2020

European family’s businesses hanging between future and uncertainties

Family businesses are by far the most common form of organization around the world existing in different sizes, sectors, and locations. While the growing research interest […]
4 February 2020

Protecting Made in Italy: the “Marchio Storico”

The Italian Council of Ministry with the decree law No. 24/2019 known as “Decree Growth” (Decreto Crescita) introducing “Urgent measures for economic growth and interventions for […]
29 January 2020

Aziende familiari e non solo: il marchio storico d’interesse nazionale

Con la presentazione del logo nasce il Marchio storico d’interesse nazionale (disciplinato dal Decreto-Legge n. 34 del 30 aprile 2019, poi convertito con la legge n. […]